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Helping Women Break Free From Their Trauma History

We don't pathologise. We empathise. We get you.

Releasing traumatic memories from the mind, body, and soul

without re-traumatisation

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Tools to reset your autonomic nervous system and live in harmony

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Like you, I care about my health and well-being.
When it comes to my clients, I listen.
As a therapist, I listened, cared enough, and trained in neuroscience and quantum physics to evolve my practice and your well-being.


30 years of

Professional Experience

I Listened To What You Needed - And I Developed It

Those 30 years, combined with releasing my trauma history, I created a tool called 

The Advancing Heart Protocol®

 This robust method connects with the heart's wisdom, reintegrates the emotional and logical brain, and creates safety within the body. 

I integrate the protocol with Internal Family Systems.


Two powerful tools release traumatic memories from the mind, body, and soul. I am reconnecting you with your true Self. Establishing a deep sense of peace within your system leaves you calm, relaxed, and stress-free.

It's simple, gentle, and instantly effective. It can take place at your desk, home or workplace.

Read more about it here

Traumatic events can be released from the system

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Melonie wanted to be released from stress and fear

“I can observe that I am less attached to emotions which would have been previously more consuming. I feel as though I can look at a situation as an observer - not to get so caught up in worrying so much about what I think other people think of me.”

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Carl felt overwhelmed and anxious and unable to deal with day-to-day issues calmly and rationally. After his first session, he said


"I had a lesser feeling of being overwhelmed and able to pass through the feeling quicker. I felt much better. Post-session, it was still an odd feeling that I struggled to explain as I'd not felt it before. Very calm and relaxed."


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