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Procrastination Is A Trauma Symptom. It's Not Laziness

Procrastination is not laziness: it's a behaviour caused by stress, anxiety, fear or negative beliefs about ourselves. So if you see yourself as a procrastinator, don’t let that inner critic get a hold of you. Procrastination is often a trauma symptom linked to fear or anxiety about something.

You could be the ‘last minute performer’. However, you have such high standards that if you leave everything to the last minute, you can’t perform at that level, so it’s a way of letting yourself ‘off the hook’ and not feeling like a failure or you’re not good enough.

You may be the ‘enlightened one’. However, you have so many new ideas in your head that you can’t just focus on one. Another way to give yourself a ‘pass’ and not have to look at the real problem (This was me).

You may be a ‘busy Lizzie or Bob, who is so busy with many things you can’t possibly make time to take on something new. This is generally a part of you that is avoiding something. Failure, ridicule, not feeling good enough. You keep busy because it keeps those feelings away.

You may see yourself as a ‘lazy Daisy or Dan’ and find yourself constantly putting things off and unable to start anything for fear of not getting it right or not knowing what to do or where to start. As a result, your brain may feel overloaded, anxious or fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing.

Please take on board; you are not lazy, and you are not useless. These unprocessed traumas take space and affect how you think, feel, and even see the world. They show up as procrastination because they are traumas that have not been resolved.

In abundant love and kindness for all gentle souls, Angela

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