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Boosting The Immune System During A Pandemic

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Five teachings to thriving through a pandemic

Pandemics create fear, fear creates anxiety, anxiety creates dis-ease within the mind and the body. The body responds to the mind and works hard to fulfil every command its given. When you feed your mind, your feeding your body. Be careful what you consume. We live in age of information. We are serial consumers of knowledge. Knowledge does not equal truth.

What you consume, what you think and what you believe impacts on your biochemistry. The media know this, and this is why currently the world is in a state of hysteria over the COVID-19 virus. Everyone is ignoring the facts and consuming ‘knowledge’. Very different things. Everything you do in your life starts with a thought. Actions do not exist without thoughts. Your thoughts have everything to do with your health and your destiny. Your brain holds all your thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences. It has the capability of remembering 10 billion encyclopaedic pages of information. That’s 300,00 pages a day over a 90-year period. If you have experienced trauma in your past, your mind will recall this. It’s not the virus itself people fear, it’s the unknown that is feared.

How can you thrive when all around you it appears people are just trying to survive?

1. Thoughtful awareness. Be aware of your thoughts and the information you consume What we think, we become. Every thought has a vibrational frequency and can change your biochemistry. There are many research studies confirming this right now. In the field of epigenetics, it is stated the immune system has a nearly unlimited capacity to respond to environmental triggers. The current environmental triggers are fear, chaos, disbelief and anxiety around what will happen next. Some people are even starting to feel trapped and controlled. The immune system is enormously adaptive and responds to any recognition of environmental triggers and self-triggers. Self-triggers being initial thoughts, feelings and emotions. Environmental triggers are things outside of ourselves we cannot control, like media hype, distorted reporting and government decisions.

Take a pen and journal a write out all the things you are thinking about the current situation. All the news you are consuming and all the worry that it is creating in your life. When you think about the situation what feelings does it bring up in you? What are those feelings connected with? The truth, past experiences, media hype, or something else? How are you contributing to your current reality?

2. Vibrational shift. Shift your vibration by exchanging fear with love, resentment with gratitude, frustration with thankfulness. When you do this, it has an impact on your immune system. The chemical immunoglobulin A, the primary defence against bacteria and viruses responds to your thoughts and feelings. When you have negative or fearful thoughts your immune system is compromised because you activate the fight, flight or freeze response, which has its own set of chemical responses. All your energy is being consume by some perceived 'threat' in your outer world, known as your environment. There is no energy left in your inner world for growth and repair. When you have positive heartfelt thoughts, your immune system is activated to elevate itself.

Connecting with your heart changes the chemical within your body which actives a positive immune response. When you understand your inner state is far greater to heal than the threats in your external environment then, and only then, can your body can do its job and continue to elevate your immune system. You have the ability to activate your own influenza shot.

What frequency are you operating at that is supporting or depleting your immune system? A frequency of suffering (unconscious) or one of conscious awareness? What thought, feelings, beliefs or attitude do you need to overcome to activate a healthy immune system. Take a look at what you have already written out and be completely honest with yourself. Do you really buy into those beliefs or are other people’s beliefs being imposed on you?

3. Energetic source. As a human being we are made up of many energy levels: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels have a different vibrational frequency that combine to create an overall vibration of being. When we are faced with fear we stop ‘being’ and start ‘doing’. ‘Being’ is essential for healing, for boosting the immune system, for sleep, for relaxing the central nervous system, for seeing the ‘truth’ and for overall wellness. When we active the ‘doing’ mode our body is constantly on the alert for danger. It doesn’t know the difference between real danger or perceived danger. With the COVID-19 it’s a perceived danger hyped up by the media and the body responds accordingly. You are moved straight into ‘survival mode’ you are literally fighting for your life without you even knowing. Your fear of contracting the virus is what has the potential to compromise your immune system, not the virus itself. When you are consumed by fear you lose sight of all the good around you. Purposeful living seems impossible. Take time to breathe, connect with love ones. Literally smell the roses. We live in a safe world.

4. Creating internal safety. Safety is a perception. If we feel unsafe, we are cautious of everything going on in our other world. I work with survivors of trauma and the first thing I work with is internal safety. We can’t change our external environment, but we can change our internal environment. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How we think creates our state of ‘safety’. The mind loves familiarly, it can be a place of perceived ‘safety’, but certainly not always a place of happiness and joy. If you are over cautious because you believe it will keep you safe, and your overcautiousness creates anxiety and panic. You are compromising your immune system and heightened your risk.

To strengthen your immune system, you have to have a state of internal safety. Feeling completely safe with who you are. Knowing you have the ability to keep yourself safe, no matter what. Worrying will never keep you safe. Meditation, heart coherence and really understanding how your brain functions is the only knowledge and practices you need to feel safe. A simple and highly effective practice studied and researched by the Heart Math Institute and the likes of Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Lynne McTaggart is to observe yourself and your thoughts for a few days and write them down in a journal. You will get to see your patterns. Next, take time to go within and create a space of internal safety by breathing in at relaxed pace, and visualise breathing through your heart. Imagine calming your mind and emotions with your breath.

Once you’ve calmed your mental and emotional vibrations, identify an issue you are worried or anxious about. Then, ask your heart, “What would a relaxed, calm body do in this situation?” After you hear the answer, imagine breathing in that new relaxed way of being for a few minutes to anchor it into your system.

5. See this time in history as an opportunity not a threat. An Opportunity to reflect, connect, commit to the greatest healing source of all time. You!

This is a great time in the evolutionary world. Time to evaluate, time to release, time to let go of any old beliefs that hold you back from seeing the beauty within this situation. Remember we live in the information age. As Nikola Telsa said, “It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.”

Be discerning around what you say yes to. That include your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your beliefs are based on what you consume. Check things out factually and consciously. What do I mean by consciously? We all have our inner guidance system. We tend to ignore it in times of crisis, when this is exactly the time, we need it most.

It’s as simple as placing your hands on your heart, taking five or six deep breaths in and out and ask yourself any question. Feel the answer in your body. Honour that message, it’s the only truth.

Remember, you are your greatest healing source. Take the normal precautions of washing your hands, sneezing in your elbow and remaining clam and all will be well.

To boost your immune system listen to my complimentary hypnotic recording here. Everything I do is evidence based and steep in neuroscience . You are your own best defence. As Donald Hebb stated all those years ago "Neurones that fire together, wire together". Posted with kindness and love for all humanity.

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