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Get  to design what is truly important in your life with a  revolutionary life design framework

Discover how to design your life in five well-defined areas of your internal self and seven areas of wellness so you gain crystal-clear clarity on who you are and what you want to achieve.

Presenting the Evolutionary Model Of Wellbeing™ with the incorporation of The Advancing Heart Protocol™ - Two of the most powerful systems on earth come together to revolutionize how we deal with stress, anxiety, and fear in the Concinnity Life Design Framework™.

Dates will be released soon

Concinnity Harmonious Life Design

In this one day workshop

you will learn about:

Negative Behaviour Patterns

You will learn by discovering your negative behavior patterns. You have a clear understanding of the roles you play, the masks you wear, and the beliefs running your current decision-making and release yourself from them.

Overcome Emotional Obstacles

You will learn how your programmed life is connected to your trauma experiences and has prevented you from living a harmonious life and learn the 'tools' to release yourself from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Better Decision Making

 You’ll gain a crystal-clear vision of your hopes, dreams and desires, and how to design a harmonious life that’s in perfect alignment with your values. Thoughts like "am I doing the right thing" will no longer linger.

Achieve Goals In Perfect Time

You will accelerate your desired career and business goals by increasing your productivity, commitment, passion and releasing roadblocks like procrastination, indecision, and self-doubt along your path, with ease and grace.  

Live From Your Heart

You will learn how to create a heartfelt vision in the seven areas of your life and step into your desired life and commit to your vision through the power of your heart, the strongest electromagnetic field in your body.

Exerburant Confidence 

You will learn with clarity of behaviors, comes confidence, and connect to an energy source greater than yourself, which releases you from the fear of failure and overwhelms and gives you the freedom to be in alignment with your desired life.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a well-defined Harmonious Life Design to achieve all your life goals from a place of authentic living and be released from your past, to step into your future immediately.

You’ll have access to The Advancing Heart Protocol™ to release yourself from old patterns, traumas, and belief systems.

Seven dimensions of wellness















Free To Connect To Life

I was looking for freedom & Connection — freedom to break free & achieve my dreams...connection to myself & to my heart’s desires. Working with Angela and The Advancing Heart Protocol ™ was a miracle. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to let go of issues I had been dealing with for years. It helped me step out of my comfort zone & make decisions that had been lingering for years.

Laura, Spain

Self Judgement

Angela, you are such a soulful, calming person. Just speaking with you brought me back down to reality. I really learned from you how we pre-judge without all the facts, our minds make up the stories for us. I no longer allow my mind to do this.

Catherine, New Zealand

Framework Foundations

Evolutionary Model Of Wellbeing


As its name suggests, the Evolutionary Model of Wellbeing is centered around wellness and wellbeing. The R.E.A.L you. Its focus is on the seven dimensions of wellness, five aspects of self, alignment with nature’s seasons, and engaging cooperation with our four brains. It is holistic in its approach and integrates mind, body, and spirit to support an individual on a journey of remembering the R.E.A.L self.

The acronym R.E.A.L represents Reality - Evolution – Alignment - Love.

This is a journey of remembering who you are, identifying and clarifying what you desire most, expanding awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions. You will begin to align with what you desire to create and develop strategies, action plans, and environments to help achieve your life goals. Throughout the process, you will be evolving spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The Advancing Heart Protocol™


The amygdala holds the emotional significance of the event, including the intensity and impulse of emotion. The Advancing Heart Protocol™ releases the intensity of the emotion and resets the system.


An evidenced-based, highly effective protocol releasing emotional charge in minutes. Leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, and trauma-free.

The five aspects of Self











Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think.


Our mind is like a beautiful deep ocean. Some people are scared to dive a little deeper into their minds because they're afraid of what they may find amongst their thoughts. We release you from this ever-present challenge.

Business Acceleration

I wanted to experience removing whatever subconscious barriers were holding me back from moving forward with my vision and goals. I am moving full steam ahead with plans and actions to grow my business, which is an exciting true reflection of who I really am and how I want to be in the world.

Mel, New Zealand

Our Emotions Run Deep

I have noticed over the last few weeks that my back pain has disappeared!  Yay! I can only assign this revelation to your trauma release therapy. Although it feels like not much is happening at the time of the therapy, it clearly works on a much deeper level. One great thing for me now is to note that if I encounter back pain or persistent or/and chronic pain I will look at possible emotional causes/triggers in addition to physical causes.

Libby, New Zealand

Not convinced...

You Will Also Learn

Empathetic Engagement: you will move beyond belief you are separate from others, and truly embrace the diversity of all emotions and perspectives around you, creating empathetic engagement.

A Commitment To Compassion: you’ll learn how to be compassionate with yourself, others and have an awareness of judgments of difference, divide, and culture that is out of alignment with your value system. 

Self-Acceptance: you’ll learn how to accept all the aspects of yourself, be it the light or dark side of your personality, and love the 'whole' you.

Strengthen Your Resilience: you will learn how you become an unstoppable force, and learn how to transcend any form of adversity as an opportunity for growth and realignment, and you step into your Designed Life.

Amplify Your Growth Mindset: you will learn how to break out of your comfort zone, making growth your biggest priority. You will delight in the opportunities that come your way when you move into this space.

Gain Unshakeable Courage: you will be released from crippling fears and hesitation that occupy your mind and be able to rewire your brain to have a limitless supply of courage, always operating from a place of clarity and truth.

Supercharge Your Impact: you will learn how your mind has kept you 'small' and how to achieve extraordinary outcomes in all areas of your life, especially in the area of business and career progression. 

Emotions Without Charge

I have noticed the emotions, but the intensity has decreased, and the length of time the emotions last is shorter. For example, I physically and psychologically recover from an experience that provokes emotions a lot quicker than I normally would do.

Spohia, New Zealand

Soul Connection

It has been great. Great to find what makes sense to my head and heart and way of living life. I really appreciate The Advancing Heart Protocol™ as my heart is very dear to me, and I enjoyed learning more about how to make it better and use it for my whole body, life, and soul

Arland, New Zealand

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