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Serena was delighted. She said...."I suffer from anxiety, depression and sleeping problems. I had enough of my thoughts running away with me and causing me to lose valuable focus and mental energy. Ange has helped me understand my thought process, allowing me to figure out why I think and act the way I do. I quickly realised how my thoughts and actions prevented me from doing many things in my life that would ultimately set me free"


 Bobbie said.... "After working with Angela, whenever I feel pressured or stressed, I can let myself breathe through the anxiety that occurs and calm myself immediately. Whereas in the past, I always fought back with my mind and true self, usually making things worse… I’m now able to stop caring about those self-defeating thoughts and opinions of others. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone" 

Courtney loved her results. She said.... "Working with Angela, I learned more in the first half hour of my session than I had in the previous 9 months of counselling and psychotherapy sessions for anxiety & depression"


Kath and her staff love the F*ck !t approach. She said.... "I enjoy learning new ways to look at my practice approach and equally enjoy the space to be candid; honest and reflective about my work.  I enjoy the way in which Angela will sometimes challenge me when I describe my work and my position in the midst of it all.  If anything; I value the gentle reminders to be kind to myself!"

Jacqui found me inspiring. She said.... "I wondered if external supervision could enhance my practice as a clinician working alongside families to support their journey to discovering, happiness, completeness or indeed ‘Mauri Ora.'

Angela is truly inspiring.  A leader who leads by example.  I would recommend Angela as a Supervisor to any and all who require Supervision"

As a clinical supervisor Lynette thought I was a "bit out there" She said.... "I was in the process of sourcing a new supervisor  I came across Angela and my initial, assumption was "she looks a bit out there"


She has shown me that I can make change happen, that I'm doing an awesome job she has shown me how to strive to the next level.  I feel much happier and brighter each time I see her. She is so good that I now have my other staff accessing her for supervision, that says enough in itself"

Anna noticed a difference immediately. She said.... "Working with Angela has been an incredible experience. After only one appointment both myself and those close to me had noticed an amazing difference. I felt lighter and less chaotic in my head, I was smiling more and actually felt happier. Then when I did have my not so good days, she was there keeping in touch with me when I needed it. I only wish I had found her earlier".

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