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The book is a concise guide to raising your frequency and already has rave reviews from the international

pre-launch team

"Clear. Concise. Practical - Angela cuts through the fog and clearly explains how our thoughts, along with our choice of wording, can affect not only our own lives but the lives of those those around us. Backed by cited science, she breaks down the barrier which prevents many of us from living the life we want. 'Give A Flying F*ck' should be required reading for anyone fighting to take control of their life. 5 out of 5 stars!"
- Dustin Cowan, The Warrior Mindset - United States

Clear concise book, Ange has made what can be a complicated subject easy to follow and understand. The knowledge that she has given throughout this book has really opened my eyes and made me want to delve into neuroscience more. Who would have thought what we tell ourselves we created a huge aha moment for me with regards to the vibrational frequency we not only create for ourselves, but we take on from others.
Highly recommended this book as the foundation to anyone who wants to transform their life. 5 stars  -  Serena Smith - New Zealand

"This book explains the concept of the frequency of words in relation to DNA perfectly. It's both educational and interesting. Pure Edu-tainment. Thank you Angela  for this amazing gift" - Caroline Matshele, South Africa

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"You have captured the real 'nuggets' of the Masters in this field of us gaining control of our lives events, and our amazing powers. Inspirational to take action in my own thoughts and word as the information flows and is a great book to reference back too many times. Loved the quotes and the designs. Roll on the follow up books" Jo Di Francessco - Wales

"Well I love it!!!!! Its easy to follow and understand.
It is thought provoking and gets you to look at yourself and take personal responsibility for our current creations....while giving hope we can do something powerful to change our situation moving forward. You are the bomb!" Tracey Hutching - New Zealand

"What I appreciate the most about this is that it covers topics ranging from metaphysical and spiritual to neuroscience and biochemistry, and weaves between the topics in a concise and practical application-style guide. For me personally, I sat back and had an a-ha moment when I read the part which said we all wait for a crisis to start our healing. It covered so many great topics, gave a nod to some great mentors, cited fantastic quotes - all in an easy-to-read format and conversational tone" Heidi Mangus - United States

For more information about the opening and launch get you complimentary ticket here

"The book gave me ah ha’s by weaving science with spirituality, and bringing to my focus how vital it is, to always be aware of my thoughts , for my peace and growth. No matter where you are on your journey, I feel that everyone will benefit and get ah ha’s! This is not a book to read once, and combine it with other spiritual insights for maximum flight! Thank you so much Ange! Grateful beyond" Pam Shaw - New Zealand 

"Angela’s book is so pertinent to all and I want to give it to everyone I know. It is insightful and full of wonderful stories and evidence to get you thinking. This for me was the “treasure”. For me it is easy to operate on an intuitive level and act on how things feel. Looking deeper at the whys and what effects how we act was a revelation. Thank you and I look forward to the workbook and next books" Calena Campbell, New Zealand 

"Love the book, it gives all the information while keeping it relatively short, so you get a good understanding even if you're completely new to the topic. I also like how you integrate scientific explanations and studies, I think that will speak to a wider range of people, who might be more sceptical about purely spiritual stuff. Definitely a book and a message that's needed in today's world" Melanie Browne - England

For more information about the opening and launch get you complimentary ticket here

"Excellent book. You have joined all the dots for me. Clear, concise, great use of words, easy to read. Read it all at once, can't put it down" Desiree Brown _ New Zealand

"Angela's new book is both an insightful and inspirational read. The mandala artwork at both the beginning and end of the book is perfect for emphasizing how we are all connected in life. Angela's research draws the reader into the historical essence of the vibration/rhythm of words used in our everyday lives. The reader is drawn to contemplate the significance between life and rhythm, between thoughts and universal destiny, and between frequency and energy. The author walks the reader, in Chapter 3, through the steps to increase our vibration level which will positively impact our lives. Chapter 4 is especially inspirational in providing stories of how people were cured of illnesses by adopting a positive state of mind and vibrating at a high frequency.  While reading this book, I felt inspired and understood the explanation of the cycle of thought impacting my emotions" Pamela Shorter - United States


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